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Intelligent defaults with DDMS 4.1 custom date strings


(Imported from Google Code)
Suggested by Jeff Vettraino:

The date attributes in the Dates component were originally standard XML date types. In DDMS 4.1, a custom date format was added.

To support this, I originally deprecated the Dates accessors that returned attribute values as XMLGregorianCalendar instances, and instead offered a getXxxxString() accessor to get to the raw string data, unparsed.

Jeff suggests that the DDMS 4.1 custom date format could probably be compatible with XMLGregorianCalendar by providing defaults for missing values – for example, 00 seconds when no seconds are included in the string. This would allow the original accessor methods to return an XMLGregorianCalendar instance for the DDMS custom format, and the methods would no longer need to be marked as deprecated.

Custom date pattern:

All allowable date strings:



Brian Uri


Brian Uri

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